Counselling & Psychotherapy

The first question you might be asking yourself is 'what exactly is counselling and psychotherapy?'

Counselling is the term used to describe a process which helps the client work through a specific issue or a difficult period in their lives. Counselling provides non-judgemental and emotional support to clients, so they feel safe to explore the issues that are troubling them.

Psychotherapy usually involves a deeper and more long-term process and includes exploration of the past and the present. The aim is to improve the awareness of the client as to where their emotional difficulties may be coming from. Once we deepen our awareness, we can begin to make changes that will improve our lives. I believe that awareness precedes clarity, and clarity precedes change.

The terms counselling and psychotherapy are used together as in reality they tend to overlap. Most clients require certain periods of holding and support, while simultaneously engaging in deeper exploration.